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Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

The document hereby affirms the Anti-Spam Policy to adapt the generality of worldwide legislation relating to the matter and specifically the federal legislation of the United States: CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (we encourage webmasters to read it ). is put into practice strict controls of the Anti-Spam Policy, which come into force automatically, as the inclusion of these conditions is regulated in the sites and following:


All unsolicited advertising via email method, newsgroups, IRC messages and / or live messenger services and / or short text messages (SMS) will be treated as spam.

The following is treated as SPAM:

2.1 All unsolicited emails that are part of a distribution list that the person does not wish to belong to.

2.2 Bulky mail (bulk mailing of advertising by email).

2.3 By mass advertising via email services (companies that send a promotional email to people on a mailing list).

2.4 Advertising messages in newsgroups. In this case, each complaint is brought about by a group moderator with reference to an affiliate, so that the immediate and consistent deletion of the affiliated companies is not necessary.

2.5 (IRC / IM / ICQ) Harassment by any means, including chat rooms and live messengers.

2.6 SMS. All unsolicited communications and / or advertisements are sent in the form of short text messages.


Every spam complaint in the sense of a partner of causes the automatic deletion of the account.


The body of every email message sent belonging to can only contain information about specific order and updates on new products and seasonal discounts. No use of copyrighted images is permitted without the express consent of the owner of the rights.


In order to add an email address or mobile phone number to a list, the recipient must give permission. The user must inform, the original IP name and all other details of the recipient (if possible, the address and the sender of the email or mobile phone number).

In all cases, the recipient must have given express consent for the e-mail or text message to be included. The approval must be clear and precise, whether it is an active customer or an ex-customer.


The violation of the rules of or one of its affiliates will result in the termination of the account. In addition, the affiliate is prevented from new hires.

Where do I report spam? Contact us to report spam .

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